b'DREAM TEAM-UPRealtor Roni Sterin and Title Agent Esther Leavitt-AzulayRoniSterinandEsther Es- Professional SuccesstieLeavitt-Azulayaretwo oftheareashardest-workingEstie is a licensed attorney with the Israeli Bar Association and practiced andhighest-achievingreales- Real Estate Law for many years. Immigrating to Florida in 2013, she earned tate professionalsRoni as a Re- her Title Agent license and put her professional experience to work for cli-altor, and Estie as a Title Agent. Withents in a whole new wayas the founder and CEO of Florida Title Center a shared cultural background and a highly(FTC). Before becoming a Realtor, Roni owned a Marketing Consulting effective, client-focused approach to business, RoniBusiness in Israel and also worked for some of the most demanding com-& Estie are uniquely situated to deliver results beyond expectations forpanies in the service industry, including Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, and home buyers and sellers. The hot South Florida market shows no signs ofGES Expo. slowing down, and if you want to buy that dream home, get maximum valueWe are both high-achieving women who managed to establish for your property, and close on time and to the contract terms, you wantthemselves in a competitive market, create a strong reputation, and estab-Roni & Estie on your side. lish a wide network in a very short period of time, said Roni. Added Estie, Our experience allows us to act as the intermediate person between so Common History, many people: Buyer, seller, lender, inspector, appraiser, and other agents. Shared Philosophy Wearemanagingthetransactiontogetherandmakingsuretheentire team is functioning properly as we work towards a common goalclosing While Roni and Estie live with their families in Cooper City, they bothon time.originally hail from Israel. Succeeding in such a young and ever-evolvingRonis rapid industry success has been astonishing. In seven-and-country took special skills that have stayed with them for life. The only waya-half years I have managed to reach $45M/year in transactions, when some to make it in Israel is to be very creative, relentless, and have an impecca- of the most renowned teams with 8-plus members have not reached that ble work ethic, said Roni. In such a small country everything is word ofmark, she said. This is only possible if you surround yourself with people mouth, and you cannot afford to disappoint if you take yourself seriously.that share your work standard, dedication, service level, and ability to think Once your reputation is established, clients and like-minded professionalsoutside of the box. Estie has been that person in the title industry and we find you. Said Estie, Roni and I were close friends prior to working to- have had many happy closings since we started working together.gether. We value each others input, and find solutions based on collectiveHot Market, Bright Futureinsight, wisdom, and creativity. Our good relationship results in superior customer engagement. As delighted sellers and stressed-out buyers well know, The South Florida real estate market has been absolutely wild since early in the pandemic. But will it stay hot? We dont know with certainty whats around the corner, but we can do an informed analysis based on facts and figures, said Roni. I think the most challenging elements right now are the extremely low inventory, new construction lagging behind, and that sellers are not really eager to sell. Even if they can get top dollar for their property they are concerned about becoming a buyer in this marketbut for this we have proven solutions!Estie expects the market to continue to thrive, albeit with few-er buyers on the hunt. We can expect another strong year for Floridas residential markets, she said. The Conforming Conventional Loan Limit increased 18% to $647,200 despite rising home prices and low inventory. We are also seeing home loan interest rates start to rise again. Buyers may pull back, easing the competition for todays limited supply of housing. At the same time, price increases are making housing less and less affordable for many, which is a developing story that we need to watch closely, said Roni Unfortunately, most people needing a place to live cannot afford to wait and see. It can all be a bit confusing, right? Which is exactly why you need experienced real estate professionals on your side who can provide accurate information and personalized, objective analysis that enables educated deci-sions. Said Roni, We help our clients set the right expectations and develop an effective strategy.14 #395MARCH 2022 DRWMAG.COM'