b'Whats In A Title?Theres nothing worse than not trusting the person who needs to watch your back.In many real estate transactions, a buyer may feel that a particular title com- 2.Networking Is KeyYour Realtors reputation makes a huge dif-pany is being forced upon them. However, Usually the person who pays forference. Many colleagues will rely solely on the MLS to publish your the title insurance has the right to choose, said Estie. However, the sellerlisting; but truth be told, as many opportunities come from the Real-and buyer need to agree to that choice in the contract.tors sphere of influence. The larger that influence, the better for the All title companies do essentially the same thing: Provide the buy- client. Roni has inserted herself in the social life of the area and has er with an owner policy, and the lender with a loan policy. But just as a Yugocreated a highly successful Facebook community (Cooper City Buzz) is not a Ferrari, there can be vast differences in the quality of title serviceswhich engages a large local audience.you receive. According to Estie, The difference is in the service, the pro- 3.Experience MattersRealtors do way more than opening doors cess experience, and the processing fees. FTC prides itself on giving theirand showing houses. An experienced Realtor will manage complex ne-clients peace of mind during the transaction by acting as the intermediategotiations, coordinate processes with many participants, bring creative person between all parties involved. Estie and her highly experienced teamsolutions to the table to make transactions happen, be up-to-date with work to ensure that the closing will be on time, and that all parties complythe market trends, and most of it will happen as the duck swims: Calm with the contracts terms. This can only be accomplished with expert com- on the surface, and paddling like crazy under the water.munication. Our fees are also competitive, said Estie. Plus we have special fees for first responders. 4.A Title Agent You Can Trust Your property title is extremely As CEO, Estie is responsible for corporate finance, company staffvaluable. Make sure you are doing the transaction with someone you performance, and customer satisfaction. Its a big job that she shoulderscan trust. FTC will make sure that your transaction is stress-free, will with ease, aided by a great team and a heavy investment in the latest techclose on time and according to the terms of the contract, and that you and data management, which allows FTC to maintain consistent perfor- will retain the full right to the property.mance even during times of economic hardship.I Care For Real Between them, Roni and Estie speak English, Hebrew, Spanish, and even Portuguese, making the pair even more capable of helping South Floridas You cant excel if you dont care. So said Roni, who works hard to live upblossoming and diverse population. We have a great deal of clients relocat-to the slogan shes had from the beginning, I Care For Real. But what doesing from other states or even other countries, said Roni. We have corporate this mean for clients? For starters, Roni understands that moving homes isclients, investors, etc., and obviously many locals that trust us with the sale not just swapping one place for another; its transplanting your entire life,and purchase of their property. Added Estie, We can service anyone inter-and that can be very challenging.ested in Florida real estatebuyers, sellers, investors, wholesalers, lenders, I give clients 120% effort, said Roni. I do my utmost to mini- you name it.mize or even eliminate stress, to show clients the way forward, to provideRoniB.Sterin,REALTOR|PA,ABRPSASRS|The advice based on my local knowledge, and to use my vast network of vendorsKeyes Company | 305.942.7446 | www.agentroni.realtor | and relationships to provide support throughout the moving experience.roni@agentroni.realtor | www.facebook.com/ronibsterin | While Ronis $45 million/year results speak for themselves, herwww.instagram.com/ronisterinrealtorclients are happy to share their stories, too. I had sold two homes with oth-er agents and can honestly say that Ronis services far exceeded my past ex- EstherEstieLeavitt-Azulay|FloridaTitleCenter periences, said Ina Witlin. She was very knowledgeable, professional and a|OfficeManager&Lic.TitleAgent|954.848.4224| true partner throughout the total process. Added Shelly Brami, I feel likewww.fltitlecenter.com | estie@fltitlecenter.comI won the lottery. Roni has made buying a house so easy I could do it from out of state. Said Daniella Urman, We started off working with someone else, but they didnt understand what my family and I needed. As soon as I was referred to Roni, she was able to make it happen for us. Alexandra Warshawsky shared, Im almost sure that she is superwoman but she isnt letting on. Roni takes it to the next level. She not only found us our home, but has connected me to the community and provided me with everything I need to know about our area. And the Nappi family was thrilledWe ended up selling quickly and over asking, after receiving multiple offers! Do yourself a favor, hire Roni Sterin!Thats what caring for real looks like, and thats why Roni has hundreds of glowing reviews. I think that beyond uncompromising deliv-ery, people value the myriad of other things I do for them, things that no other realtor does, said Roni. My clients can focus on their daily lives while we deliver amazing numbers and terms, plus a seamless sales process. By the end of the transaction, I have often become my clients first friend in their new area.Roni & Esties Expert Advice1.Ask QuestionsYou never know what you dont know. Have a real conversation, forget the PowerPoint, the marketing fluff, the declarations of being the biggest, largest, and meanest Realtor. Instead, hire some-one with whom you feel comfortable and have great communication. TO ADVERTISE CALL 954.384.9666 DRW MAGAZINE 15'