b'MAYOR JUDY PAULThe State of the Town is healthy & growingI presented the State of theFlorida Department of Health (DOH) and the Emergency Medicine Learn-Town message at the Febru- ing & Resource Centers Emergency Medical Services Educator of the Year ary Davie/Cooper City Cham- award, and was one of the first agencies deployed on a mission to vaccinate berofCommercemeeting.IHolocaust survivors in their homes throughout South Florida.announced that we are financiallyNot to be outdone, our Police Department, led by new Chief secure and have been busy with theof Police Stephen Kinsey, is a five-time accredited law enforcement agency redevelopment of the Davie Rd. corridor.in the State of Florida; the department received the Excelsior Recognition Planned open space has been funded and will beginwhich is awarded to Florida criminal justice agencies which have demon-to take shape this year, including, but not limited to, the Davie Farm Park.strated an exceptional commitment to the Florida accreditation process; We also funded the new Town Hall, all without raising taxes. Yes, its final- Chief Kinsey and I partner monthly to host the Student of the Month pro-ly happening. We are moving! The new Town Hall aligns with the townsgram to recognize children from various schools for studying hard and mak-investment in the redevelopment of the Downtown Davie Road corridor,ing a difference in their class; every month, our Police Department hosts a including mixed-use projects and rehabilitating the roadway infrastructure.child safety seat installation event to ensure car seats are installed improper-In addition, this new facility intends to promote downtown developmently; and last holiday season, the team led a very successful Shop With A Cop and the towns values of leadership, excellence, respect, and integrity.campaign where they helped over 150 children pick out toys for Christmas.I have a lot of fond memories at the existing Town Hallthe histo- Aside from all of the community work, both agencies have wel-ry, the bonds developed, the people served, the events held, and the mem- comed some exceptional members to their teams, and I wish them a pros-ories made. However, Davie is growing, and while we embrace our roots,perous career with the town. To say I am proud of my public safety depart-we must be proactive and responsive to the communitys needs. While I willments is an understatementtheir focus is not only to respond to calls, but miss Town Hallthe place where I was first sworn in as a Councilmemberthey take the time to connect with the community on a level that is just not and later as your MayorI look forward to overseeing the ribbon-cuttingseen at other agencies. What a blessing!of a new Town Hall. We will rise at the same location with more open space,The Davie Jazz Festival will be held on April 30th, which is and care was taken to design our new home without disturbing any of theInternational Jazz Day. It will feature the Women of Jazz and be held at beautiful oak trees. Long Key Nature Center. For information go to Davie Jazz Festival on So, what does this mean for Town Hall operations? For the nextFacebook.three years, Town Hall operations, including utility bill drop-off, permit- Congratulations! Three Nature Scape Emerald Award win-ting, and other services offered at the existing site will relocate to the tem- ners are within our town!porary area at Pine Island Park. Once all services are relocated, the existing buildings will be demolished, and groundbreaking will occur later this year.Homeowner CategoryThe new Town Hall is anticipated to be completed in 2024 and will be re- Cindy Rustconstructed on the existing site.800 SW 130 Terrace, DavieI also discussed the fact that Davie is home to the NSU Center of Innovation that seeks to guide businesses in the journey from the birth ofSpecial Achievementan idea through build out and scale-up of their business. The Town is look- The Caring Community Inc.ing to harness this center to encourage entrepreneurs to stay in Davie and4786 SW 72 Avenue, Daviegrow their businesses. This desire to help growing businesses propelled the Town to partner with the Florida Atlantic University Small BusinessLegacy CategoryDevelopment Center, or SBDC. The SBDCs goal is to help business- USDA, ARS, IPRL Keep it Native Demonstration es thrive as they provide one-on-one consultations (virtual and in-person),(K.I.N.D) Gardenhelp businesses gain access to capital, increase sales, develop and implement3225 College Avenue, Davie FLsuccessful business plans, and provide access to training. SBDC services are provided at no cost and are confidential. The Towns point of contact is An- Due to Covid 19 restrictions Water Matters Day/Month is virtual this year. tonio Lasi. He is waiting to speak with you and assist in any way you need.Winners were recognized individually and received awards at their gardens. Please contact him at 561.289.8036 to access this resource. It was an honor to congratulate each one individually. Videos will be posted Fire Chief Julie Downey was featured in a book that exclusive- on the Water Matters Day site.ly explored women in fire service leadership and commemorates, encour- If you need to contact me, I can be reached at 954.797.1030 or ages, and celebrates the vital roles of women in both fire service and Amer- jpaul@davie-fl.gov. Stay safe and be healthy!ican history. Our Fire Rescue team maintains an ISO one rating, and the team kicked off Community Connect, which is a free and secure platform that helps share critical information about you and your family with first responders during an emergency. Our Fire Rescue team also took home theBY DAVIE MAYOR JUDY PAUL18 #395MARCH 2022 DRWMAG.COM'