b'OUT WESTON WAY Life is constantly changing.From quieter skies to better parks and safer roadsAseveryoneknows,theAir Traffic Controllers from the FLL/MIA Towers came to Weston CityofWestonresidesand had a town hall meeting in City Hall with residents and your under the Fort Lauderdaleelected officials. Hollywood approach path toFast forward to 2022. With the pandemic hopefully end-both runway 10L and runwaying soon, air traffic is increasing to pre-COVID levels and will 10R.Bynatureofourlocation,most likely increase. With the results of the Part 150 Study making Westonisbeingexposedtosignificantthe request for higher overflights, and along with the partnership overflights during east flow operations. of your elected officials, residents, and airline operators, the FAA In 2017, the Broward County Aviation Department wasAir Traffic controllers, when traffic permits, now attempt to keep authorized to conduct a Federal Noise Abatement Study, calledplanes at least 3,000 to 4,000 feet minimum altitudes over Weston the FLL Part 150 Study, in order to assess the impact to eight(when operationally feasible) and have been able to minimize and cities underneath the approach paths. The City of Weston was onereduce noise levels.of the cities that were invited to participate and make recommen- And now to pivot from the blue skies over Weston to the dations. Based upon my flight background and subject matter Igreen fields in our City Parks, here is an update about whats hap-was appointed by the Mayor and City Commissioners to be onepening in the present and future for our Parks and recreation. of the resident representatives. The other appointee was our CityTheCityParksDepartmentmaintains15beautiful Manager. During those meetings we met with members ofpark facilities and a Community Center that offer a variety of rec- Have you updated your estate plans?We immediately began attending the technical commit- reational amenities throughout our City for active or passive play tee meetings.and recreation. In FY 2022 we will be conducting a Master Parks the Broward County Aviation Department, FAAofficials, airlineand Capitol study. This will be an extensive review of our current representatives, and other interested parties. Additionally, we metinventory and needs, and a projection of our future needs and cap-independently with residents of Weston who were engaged in theitol improvements. This study will engage residents, professionals,We provide an Effortless Client process. park staff and subject matter experts to determine what our re- Estate PlanningTo explain the technical side: The north runway (10L) andquirements will be in the next 10 years when it comes to parksTrust Planning Experience, dedicated to treating you the south runway (10R) are parallel runways separated by onlyand recreation. All of the Weston parks are incredible assets thatas an individual, with the respect you 4,300 feet horizontally. Factors that effect overflights and noisemust be maintained, enhanced, and kept inperfect condition forWillsLiving Wills deserve and the appropriate plan to impact are that FLL operates in an east flow 80% of the time andour residents to utilize and enjoy every day of the year.in an west flow 20% of the time. Additionally, 29.6% of FLL ar- Lastly, we are also planning in the future to update ourHealthcare Directivesachieve your wishes. Dont try to rivals overfly Weston daily, and FLL operations are expected toBicycle Master Plan. Presently we have quite a few improve- Do-It-Yourself! As a team, we have grow by 48% by 2040. During an east flow, and due to the factment projects that will help make our bicycle lanes safer for ourPowers of Attorney the experience, care, and commitmentPictured (L-R) areof the close horizontal distance of the north and south runway riders and vehicles on the roads. As your appointed representativeElder LawProbate Erika Garay, Esq.,when simultaneous parallel approaches are being conductedtheon the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, I am alwaysto seek to help your family avoid assistant Gina DeVincent,airplanes have to be staggered and separated by minimum hori- looking for funds from the state or federal highway system to fundAsset Protection an uncertain future. and Andrea L. Jakob, Esq.zontal and vertical distances for safe operations. The result of thisthese projects. Additionally, the Broward county surtax ordinance operational necessity is that during certain busy arrival times, theallows us to bid on, and be awarded, certain projects using countyPet Trusts It is so wonderful and exhilarating to finally discover and hire a truly warm, friendly, aircraft landing on the north runway may have to fly at a lowerfunds. These programs are all funded from tax dollars outside ourand professional attorney who treats us just like family, or a long-time friend. She has altitude over Weston, which results in additional noise. municipal general fund dollars, resulting in savings to our resi-In order to try and minimize the noise impact to Weston,dents. helped us with our Will, Estate and Trust composition. She is very detail-oriented just as the technical committee representatives from Weston (myself andWell, thats the latest for now. Whether I see you flyingwe, her clients, tend to be. We are so very thankful and happy we did the research and the City Manager) recommended that the Part 150 Study includein the blue skies over Weston, or out in the green Weston fields ofdiscovered Ms. Andrea Jakob. She is always smiling. Richard, AVVO.COMa request to maintain higher altitudes over Weston when avail- dreams, our parksplease stay healthy and happy in the #1 Best able. Additionally, in 2019, the Mayor and City Manager traveledCity to Live - Weston, FL.to Washington, D.C. and had a meeting with the FAA SouthernBY BYRON JAFFE (954) 862-1479JakobLegal.comDavie, FLDistrict Administrator. This resulted in an extremely productive meeting and as a result, the FAA Administrator, along with a dozenCOMMISSIONER, SEAT 322 #395MARCH 2022 DRWMAG.COMAndrea L. Jakob, Esq. Helping you plan today, so you can sleep better tonight.'