b'AROUND WESTONHelping the hungry and chemo patients,arts events & moreHARVEST DRIVE SPRING NEEDS The Harvest Drive continues theWESTON AWARDED GRANT FUNDS FOR MULTIPLE PROJ-good work of assisting food insecure families in Broward County. Needed items:ECTS In January, the City of Weston was notified that their project application Canned Vegetables, black beans, soup, pasta sauce, boxed mashed potatoes, ce- submitted to the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization for the con-real, powdered milk, pancake mix, macaroni and cheese, pasta, peanut butter,struction of ADA Accessible Sidewalk Improvements was selected and funding jelly, applesauce, rice, cookies, and crackers. (No glass jars or expired items.)has been approved. The City of Weston has been awarded five consecutive suc-Grab an extra can or two each time you shop and we can help end hunger in ourcessful grant award projects from the MPO after achieving a high enough rank-community and Broward County. Drop off to the bins outside of Weston Citying on each for funding. One project, the State Road 84 Shoulder Widening, is Hall (17200 Royal Palm Boulevard, at the front door under the porte-cochere);currently under construction. Next, the Weston Road Bicycle Lanes Project has theWeston Community Center (20200 Saddle Club Road, inside Weston Re- been designed and is out to bid. From this year on, there will be a steady stream gional Park); and by the front door of Royal Palm Fire Station No. 81 (17350of construction of projects that were approved and awarded in prior years, but Royal Palm Boulevard). have taken several years to literally get from the drawing board to the street.HAPPYBIRTHDAY,CAROLH.S. STUDENTS HELP CHEMO PATIENTS Ella Glassman, a West-SCHILLERLoyalDRWreader,ern H.S. sophomore, wrote: I organized an event in February called Chemo MindyPheterson,wantedtoan- Care Cards Pink Day Pizza Party. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I nounce the 85th birthday of her goodknew I wanted to do something to help women fighting breast cancer. When friend, Carol Schiller and share herI was in seventh grade, I organized a mini golf tournament and raised $1000 story.CarolisfromNew Yorkandto create care packages for women going through chemo. I worked with the has lived in Weston Hills for 22 years.staff at Sylvester UM in Plantation. I made the bags and would go to the chemo CurrentlyhergranddaughterNata- treatment center at Sylvester to distribute the bags and spend time with the sha and great-granddaughter Chanelpatients. It meant the world to me to see the patients smile and feel encouraged live with her, and Carol loves to spoilby my visit. When COVID started in 2020, restrictions were put in place so that her great-granddaughter. Mindy metchemo patients could no longer have any visitors with them during treatment Carol over 13 years ago when they no family or friends! And, obviously, I could no longer visit and they could werebothmembersofthe Weston Friends Club, a group that promotes social activities for its members. Mindy and Carol participate in the Food and Friends activity, a dining group that meets every-other month in a members home. Mindy quickly became a fan of Carols famous deviled eggs and noodle pudding, so Carol makes them for her regularly. Mindy also plays Mah Jongg with Carol every week. Carol is admired for the beautiful needlepoint pictures and pillows she creates, and for her Mah Jongg skills. Nobody can believe Carol will be 85 on March 27th. Carol always looks beautiful with her stylish red hair, manicured nails, makeup, and unique outfits. Carol is very active and loves to go out to eat and party. Besides thenot hand out my care packages. I was so upset thinking about how isolated and Weston Friends Club, Carol is also a member of the Weston Over 55 Club andscared the patients must be facing treatment all alone. I contacted Sylvester and the Davie/Weston Girlfriends Group so she has plenty of activities to partici- asked if I could make greeting cards that the staff could hand out to patients pate in. Mindy is happy to celebrate this wonderful woman and wishes her manyduring their treatment. So, I started Chemo Care Cards and over the past two more years of fun and friendship. years I have made hundreds of cards. Last month students from Western, Arch-Bishop McCarthy, Saint Bonaventure, and University School came together to WESTONPOPSCONCERTRETURNS Presented by The Westonmake 450 cards and 150 care packages for chemo patients. I am doing this with Music Society and the City of Weston on Saturday, April 2nd at 6:30 p.m. inthe support of Sylvester and an ovarian and breast cancer support organization Weston Town Center behind the Bell Tower. A limited number of chairs willcalled Sharsharet. Ella can be reached at eshayeg12@gmail.com if you wish to be set up, so feel free to bring your own. A Pops Concert is a special, hybridparticipate or make donations.event. It features crowd pleasers including pop standards, Latin favorites, and familiar classics. The program will include vocalists as well as orchestral presen- THE WESTON FOREIGN FILM SERIES Showings are at the AMC tations. The South Florida Symphony will present the concert under the direc- Weston 8 Theatre at 4:45 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 and can only be tion of Maestra Sebrina Mara Alfonso. Alfonso has been a guest conductor withpurchased at the event. The March 14th film is The Five Star Life (Italian). For-such esteemed orchestras as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the San Jose Sym- ty-something Irene had a dream job as a luxury hotel inspector, and her work phony, the San Antonio Symphony, the Pacific Symphony, the Prague Radiogot carried out around the world. But does a dream job necessarily mean a Symphony, the Orchestra de Rus in Sienna, Italy, and the Womens Philharmon- dream life? It was such fun to play the mystery guest in those magnificent hotels. ic, among many others. Things could have gone on that way if Irene hadnt met Kate Sherman.24 #395MARCH 2022 DRWMAG.COM'