b'"Before You Give Up, Do This."And you\'ll be surprised how simple it is.Dear friend,For the last nine years, people fromin. A seven-year study compared costsGreat care at a great feePlease,Cooper City and the surrounding areaof people seeing medical providers vs.I hope that theres no misunderstanding Some people come to my office andhavecometoseemewithvariouschiropractors.Overallthepatientsabout quality of care just because I tellmetheyvetriedeverything.conditionsandchildhoodproblems.seeingchiropractorshad60%lesshave a lower exam fee. Youll get great They come to me ready to give up.They also come to me for: hospitalizations, 59% less days in thecare at a great fee. My qualifications hospital, 62% less outpatient surgeries,Im a Cum Laude graduate of Palmer Thats right, four out of five peopleHeadaches and85%lesscostsforprescriptionCollege. I am one of the only NUCCA that show up in my office have takenMigraines drugs.doctorsinSouthBroward,andone everytest,woundupwithhugeVertigo/Dizziness of only 11 in the state of Florida. Ive medical bills, and are still no betterNeck Pain With results like that, you may not bebeenentrustedtotakecareoftiny off.Often,theyvebeensubjectedShoulder/Arm Pain missing work, or running off to thebabiesandwellknownProfessional to medications that have only servedPinched Nerves doctor as much. Athletes. For the past nine years I have totemporarilymasksymptoms.Back Pain/Sciatica been taking care of your neighbors in But thats not what most people areNumbness in limbsSouth Florida. I am offering this low looking for. Digestive Problems examfeetohelpmorepeoplewhoJust to name a fewneed care.Health (or the lack of it) very oftenHereswhatsomeofyour has simple causes and very reasonableneighbors have to say: MyassistantsGabrielaandClaire corrections. Thats what Im going toarebothreallygreatpeople.Our tell you about. But before I tell youI have been a patient with a traditionaloffice provides a friendly, welcoming more, let me tell you something aboutchiropractorforaboutayearwithenvironment. Wehaveapassionfor me. little to no results. After my treatmentsserving people, so youre sure to feel withDr.GrangerIregainedfeelingright at home. We provide wonderful Heres my story in my fingers and the x-rays showedservice at an exceptional fee. Our office improvement in the curvature of myis called THRIVE SPINAL CARE and At the time, I\'m a young child growingspine." (D.O.Hollywood, FL) its located at 5560 S. Flamingo Road, up in North Carolina, with a love ofCooper City (in Countryside Shops). sports. But then it happens. I developMy name is Mary. I highly recommendOur phone number is 954-533-1977. achildhoodconditionknownasDr Granger at Thrive Spinal Care. ISeveral times a day patients thank meCall Gabriela, Claire, or myself today \'ADHD\'. I am hyper. I can\'t focus orhave been under his care for 4 monthsforhelpingthemwiththeirhealthfor an appointment. We can help you. learn at the same pace as my peers.for vertigo and my off balance. I amproblems.But I dont cure.WhatThank you and God Bless.And sometimes, I even wet the bedfeeling much better and feeling happyIdoisperformaspecificspinal at night. I\'m embarrassed and fallingaboutit.DrGrangerlistenstohisadjustmentcalledNUCCA,which-JasonGranger, D.C.behindinschool,sothedoctorspatients and has good bedside manner.involvesnotwisting,poppingor givemeapilltotakeeveryday.ItHis focus is on getting patients well.cracking.Itremovesnervepressure,P.S.Ofcourse,allpeoplerespond suppressesmyappetiteandhindersOfficestaffClaireandGabrielaareandthebodyrespondsbyhealingdifferently to care, and no doctor can my ability to participate in sports. Iexcellent,welcomepatientswithaitself.Of course, all people respond(orshould)guaranteeasuccessful may need this medication for the restgreat smile, and are very courteous.differently to care, but we get terrificoutcome.But,ifyouvetried of my life. Theres more I will recommend this practice to myresults.Its as simple as that! everything but chiropractic, dont give friends and families.up yet!My Grandmother convinces my mom(M.C.Davie, FL) ExcitingOffer-Look,Iknow to give this doctor a try. This doctoryoure smart. You want to get to theP.P.S. Can you imagine not having to performs an exam, takes some films,I sleep better, I have more energy, mycause of your problems, and not justwaitatadoctorsoffice? Well,your andthenadjustsmyspine.Thesense of humor has returned. I feelcover them up with drugs. When youtimeisasvaluableasmine.Thats adjustmentdoesnthurt;itactuallyhuman again! I am more aware of myare one of the first 20 people to callwhywehaveano-waitpolicy. You feels good. I get relief, and after thepostureandsittingupstraight. Theand schedule a new patient exam (bywill be seen within minutes of your firstadjustment,Istopwettingtheadjustments are painless and there isMarch15th,2022)youllreceiveappointment time.bed. With continued care, my abilityNO popping or cracking. The resultstheentireexamforjust$76. Thats toconcentrateonmyschoolworkare almost magical!with digital x-rays, full spinal exam,BYLAW,THISOFFEREXCLUDESMEDICARE/becomesmucheasier.Oh,didI(D.B.Cooper City, FL) laserpostureanalysisthewholeMEDICAID BENEFICIARIES. THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHERPERSONRESPONSIBLEFORPAYMENT mention that this doctor is a Chiropractor?ballofwax,andtheresnohiddenHASARIGHTTOREFUSETOPAY,CANCEL Chiropracticworkssowellforme,TensofmillionsofAmericansnofees. But, call right away because onPAYMENT,ORBEREIMBURSEDFORPAYMENT FORANYOTHERSERVICE,EXAMINATION,OR and Im so impressed with the otherlongerhavehealthinsurance,andTuesday, March 15th, 2022 at exactlyTREATMENT THAT IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT miraclesIseeinhisoffice,thatIthosewhodohavefoundthattheir6p.m.thisofferwillexpire. Again,OFANDWITHIN72HOURSOFRESPONDING eventually go to Chiropractic schoolbenefitsaregreatlyreduced.Thatstheres only 20 of these slots, so dontTOTHEADVERTISEMENTFORTHEFREE, DISCOUNTEDFEE,ORREDUCEDFEESERVICE, myself. And thats how it happened!whereNUCCAChiropracticcomesmiss out. EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT.TO ADVERTISE CALL 954.384.9666 DRW MAGAZINE 3'