DRWMAG.COM 16 #357 • JANUARY 2019 • 30TH ANNIVERSARY Welcome to Biohackers Health and Fitness, a new concept in health and well- being. Biohacking is enhanc- ing body repair and healing at the cellular level using modern technol- ogy and research. I have dedicated my life and career to health and the optimization of the body, and I have made it my mission to share this passion with others. My husband Shawn and I decided to bring this new concept for- ward to our community in Weston.We have lived in Weston since 2004 and have grown to love South Florida. Our children have at- tended the public schools here since they were babies and are now at Cypress Bay.We are so proud to bring this family-owned business to our friends and neighbors.This is literally a dream come true for us! A Life-Long Love Of Fitness & Science My appreciation for the human body and what it is capable of began when I was 15, when I started coaching swim team, gymnastics, and leading group fitness classes both before and after school. I went on to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Engineer- ing with an emphasis in Biomedical Engineering, and a PhD in Stem Cell Biology. When I am not in the laboratory or at the stem cell clinics, I can be found at Biohackers Health and Fitness. I have always enjoyed the science of health on every level, and continue to identify,develop,and incorporate the latest research and bring the best equipment and group class ideas to our clients at Bio- hackers.I have traveled the world searching for high tech equipment, exercises, and therapies to help everyone from weekend warriors to individuals suffering from disease.The one thing all humans have in common is that we are made up of cells, and if we improve our health at the cellular level, our "machine" will function better.This is exactly the concept at Biohackers. Health From The Cellular Level-Up We could all use some enhancement at the cellular level. Our bodies encounter toxins every day from food, drink, air, and more. Now with modern technology, we can overcome some of the effects of these ever-present toxins and improve our health from the inside. At Biohackers, we combine fun group classes like Spinning, Zumba, yoga, boot camp, and more with health and wellness ma- chines that assist recovery and repair to achieve your health goals. The equipment on the "Biohacker Floor" assists cellular repair and function with pulsed magnetic therapy, cold therapy, light therapy, oxygen therapy, and more. All of these machines can reduce tissue degradation (aging) due to free radicals. We have assembled the best instructors and trainers in the area combined with the most advanced equipment to help people in the community improve their most valuable possession: their health! Come into Biohackers and meet our amazing team. Now is the time to reimagine life with no limits! BY DR. KRISTIN COMELLA Biohackers Health and Fitness is located at 2750 Glades Circle, #500, in Weston. Learn more at www. biohackersfitness.com or by calling 954.384.7227. A futuristic approach to fitness that starts at the cellular level BIOHACKERS Pictured Above Dr. Kristin Comella, co-founder of Biohackers. Below (L-R) Biohackers hosted a fun and festive Halloween-themed Zumba class in October; Kristin, Claire, Rob, and Shawn Comella; and an intense Spinning class