TO ADVERTISE CALL 954.384.9666 DRW MAGAZINE 5 TO ADVERTISE CALL 954.384.9666 WWW.DRWMAG.COM INFO FORUMS SATURDAYS JAN 26 & Feb 9 @ 10 AM RSVP TODAY! RSVP TODAY! Davie, Florida | 954-680-9494 | BEYOND MONTESSORI Limited Space grades 1 & 2 • 4 slots each grades 4, 5 & 6 • 3 slots each Access Montessori Cognitive School Montessori Grades 1-6 plus Arrowsmith Brain-Building Fully accredited • McKay & Step-Up Approved For those who need it, the innovative and highly successful Arrowsmith Program literally reprograms the brain, identifying cognitive areas that need improvement or advancement. It is the perfect program to increase processing and educational awareness, so that students can quickly begin to correct, develop, and flourish. What Is Arrowsmith Cognitive Strengthening? M A CS Jose Sobalvarro, 18 years’ of montessori experience “A Montesorri school must first and foremost honor the child, which we do by evaluating their individual academic, social, and emotional needs. Our job is to discover each child’s interests, weaknesses, and strengths, andfillinthegapsusingdedicatedMontessori materials and customized lesson plans, so as to instill the tools needed to succeed both in school and the world beyond.” What Is Montessori? AMCS makes extensive use of Montessori principles along with other established learning models and Arrowsmith cognitive strengthening, as needed, for a more precise education.