DRWMAG.COM 46 #357 • JANUARY 2019 • 30TH ANNIVERSARY Zoe & mom, happy again Zoe, a 12-month-old Pomeranian dog, loved to play on her caregiver’s bed. Unfortunately she poorly estimated the edge and fell to the floor. After the fall occurred, Zoe's owners knew immediately something was not correct. Zoe was holding her leg up in the air and unable to put any weight on it. Off to their favorite veterinarians at Hometown Animal Hospital inWeston. Dr. David Bellows suspected a bone break and ordered x-rays.The x-rays showed that two of the front limb bones (radius and ulnar) were fractured.These are particularly bad fractures in small dogs due to compromised blood supply. Surgery was needed to set the bones with external fixation to promote healing. Zoe had surgery the next day and is recuperating wonderfully.The prognosis is excel- lent for full recovery and use of her leg. Zoe’s pet parents were also wise to purchase pet insurance (Trupanion) right after she was purchased. Nearly 90% of the expenses were covered. Now she sleeps in a beautiful bed of her own right next to her caregivers. Zoe’s misfortune can help those reading about her in two ways: 1) Be careful allow- ing puppies to sleep or play on surfaces above floor level, and 2) Pet insurance is a must to allow pet owners to get the best in care. Dr. David Bellows practices veterinary medicine, surgery, and den- tistry with Dr. Jan Bellows, Dr. Elizabeth McMorran, and Dr. Paul Dalbery at Hometown Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic located at 17100 Royal Palm Boulevard, Weston in the Windmill Professional Campus. The doctors can be reached at 954.349.5800. Pictured Zoe's fractured left front leg; surgical pins places for bone stabilization dur- ing healing THE PET’S VET A fall, a break, and lessons learned LAINE W. HILLS, D.V.M. Equine Veterinarian 5690 Hunter Lane Southwest Ranches FL 33330 Phone: 954.895.3261 Fax: 954.680.9055 2995 Peaceful Ridge Road, Davie 954.240.6080 • PeacefulRidgeRescue.org PLEASE DONATE TO SOUTH FLORIDA’S FIRST ACCREDITED HORSE RESCUE RANCH! They need YOUR help! since 1968! Keeping Pools Beautiful FREE 3rd month of service! New customers. With ad. Exp. 12.31.18 Fully Licensed & Insured (954) 584-7665 FREE QUOTE Commercial & Residential Specializing in Service & Repair • Leak Detection & Repair Motors & Pumps • Filters &Timers • Automatic Cleaners Heaters • Resurfacing • Pool & Spa Remodeling