b'CC CORNER SW RANCHESA big improvement Carnival successin communications & much moreThe City of Cooper City is stepping up its gameThis year has started off in a full gallop! We had when it comes to communicating with resi- our first Town Carnival in January, and from dents, businesses, and stakeholders. The Citywhathasbeensaiditwasabigsuccess. A recently hired a Communications Coordina- special Thank You to the entire Southwest tor to help disseminate a wide array of infor- Ranches Parks Foundation for their dedication mation that is not only for the people of Cooperand hard work in putting this event together. It City, but also about those who live and work inhas been discussed that the property on the cor-Someplace Special. ner of Dykes Road and Griffin Road be used for oth-I am sure those who subscribe to the Citys weekly e-newslet- er Town activities on a more regular basis. Some suggestions include a ters have noticed improvements in the way information is presented.weekly or monthly farmers market.If you havent already done so, I encourage you to subscribe to theIn January, the full Town Council was in attendance for Bro-Citys e-newsletters. If you are looking for frequent updates on Cityward Days in Tallahassee. I believe Southwest Ranches was the only meetings, information on community programs and events, or wouldmunicipality that had all its elected officials there lobbying for the good of our town.like to see who is featured in the next Cooper City Spotlight, youThe Charter Review committee finalized their review of can also like and follow the Citys social media platforms. You can signthe Town Charter and will send their review to the Council. Thank you up for e-newsletters and connect to each of the social media pagesto the committee for giving all their time.by visiting the Citys website, which you can easily access by going toThe Green Meadows drainage project is well under-www.CooperCity.gov. way and I have heard from residents voicing their concerns about the The City website is also being improved to help you navigatemess in their neighborhood. The installation of pipe is starting to wind and more easily find what you need. An Activities and Programs Cal- down and the clean-up portion has started. It will take a while for endar was recently added to help you get the details and take note ofthings to get back to normal, and our Public Works Department is upcoming events and classes. As more and more people look to travelworking hard to ensure things are done right. The Green Meadows internationally, the City has seen more website traffic when it comesarea has long been recognized by the county as a flood area. We re-to scheduling appointments to apply for, or renew, passports. By ad- ceived $937,000 in grant monies from the county and state to do these justing the website to residents needs, you can easily find informationdrainage projects in Green Meadows. and make an appointment by visiting the Citys homepage. The CityThe Town of Southwest Ranches is pleased to announce we will also be looking at options to help make its government-accessare the first city to complete construction of a Broward County trans-television available on its website. Right now, Comcast subscribers lo- portation surtax funded project. The drainage improvements on SW 50th Street in Rolling Oaks were funded by $124,000 of surtax cated within Cooper City can utilize Channel 78.The channel helpsdollars. Along with the drainage project, several streets will be some provide information on upcoming events and activities, while also cy- of the first to be repaved with $1,960,165 in Broward County surtax cling through videos and features. money, so please be patient.I mentioned the City is working to provide information aboutFebruary 1st was the first meeting of the newly established those who call Cooper City home. Over the past several months, thePublic Safety and Traffic Committee. I was very impressed with City has spotlighted residents and events. Among the spotlights hashow the five committee members took to the task of coming up with been a focus on longtime residents. Many of our neighbors helped layideas of how to improve traffic issues and ideas of how to reduce the foundation for the beautiful community we live in today. If youcrime. We had concerned residents in attendance that gave input to have been a Cooper City resident since the 1970s, or even earlier, thethe discussion. I would like to invite any residents to attend. Safety and City would like to spotlight your stories and photos. Furthermore,traffic are Town issues that affect all of us.it may assist the Cooper City Education Advisory Board in its goal toAs this year goes forward, I would like to invite ALL residents create a museum that pays tribute to our hometowns past! to get involved with any of the Town boards or committees, attend If you would like to be considered for a Cooper City Spot- Town Council meetings, and work together to keep Southwest Ranch-light, or simply like to share photos of Cooper Citys earliest days,es the BEST!please contact the Citys Communications Coordinator, Mike Cobelo,And with St. Patricks Day upon us, May you have all the happiness and luck that life can holdand at the end of your rainbows at 954.434.4300 ext. 263 or via email at mcobelo@coopercityfl.org. may you find a pot of Gold. BY COMMISSIONER RYAN SHROUDER BY COUNCIL MEMBER JIM ALLBRITTON20 #395MARCH 2022 DRWMAG.COM'