b'THE PETS VETEar infectionsare very commonMia,a4-year-old Maltese, always wears adifferentadorable outfitwhenvisiting her veterinarian, Dr. Casper at Hometown Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, for her twice-yearly wellness visits. After her latest physicalexam,Dr. Casperknewright away that Mia had an ear infection. Some breeds of dogs, especially floppy-eared ones, can be more prone to ear infections. Ear infections are caused by moisture getting in the ear (especially after baths); or allergies to food or the envi-BEE ronment; or hormonal imbalances. Like many dogs with ear infections, Mias parents noticed a foul odor coming from her ear, and observed shaking her head and rubbing her ear on the floor.After taking a sample from both ears and evaluating it under a microscope, Dr. Casper determined that Mia had a mixed infection REMOVAL of yeast and bacteria. Dr. Casper took a special sample, called a cul-ture, that he sent off to a lab to identify exactly what medication the infection should be treated with. He cleaned Mias ears extremely well, and placed medicated ointment deep in the ear canal that reduced the inflammation and pain while also treating the infection. The best part was that the application lasted at least two weeks, so Mias parents didnt have to put medication in her ear. MiasearcultureconfirmedDr.Casperstreat-ment.Dr.CasperandMiasparentscouldresteasyknow-ingthatherearinfectionwouldgoawaycompletely. Withreg-ularearcleaningsathomeandsemi-annualcheckupswith (954) 559-0700 Dr. Casper, Mia is in the best of health and ear infection-free!TIP #27 Tropical Apiaries Inc. Dr. Casper practices veterinary medicine, surgery, and Plant bee- Free Consultations & Estimates dentistry with doctors McMorran, Oudin, and Bellows friendly plantsLicensed & Insured#JE164268 at Hometown Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, lo-like the Floridacated at 17100 Royal Palm Boulevard in Weston. He Buttonbush NOBEES.COM can be reached by calling 954.349.5800.30 #395MARCH 2022 DRWMAG.COM'